"Your Special Soundtrack"

Can you imagine the songs from the soundtrack of your favourite film…? That’s how memorable music can be.  It can have a remarkable effect on our emotions and enhance our memories of specific moments in our lives.  Sophia can play and sing for your Ceremony, Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast, bringing to life your vision of your wedding day, the one you’ve always dreamed of…


  • Pre-ceremony: Up to 20 minutes of ‘welcome music’ as your guests take their seats and await your arrival.
  • Processional: Your chosen song played as you make your grand entrance down the aisle.
  • Signing of the Register: Up to 2 songs to entertain your friends and family while you make things official!
  • Recessional: Your choice of song as you leave and take your first steps as a married couple. This can either be on the harp or a recording played through Sophia’s battery-powered Bose speaker.
  • A complimentary personal arrangement of a new song (Sophia requires at least 3 months notice)
  • Experienced and helpful advice


  • Up to 90 minutes of popular and enchanting music, set at a considerate level so that your
    guests enjoy the atmosphere yet can still converse easily.
  • As we know, unfortunately we cannot control the weather and so Sophia makes sure that she is
    in the best performance area for your guests, whether that be inside or out.
  • Sophia provides her own, discreet, amplification system with a built in battery for no extra cost,
    which can be very useful if performing outside.
  • Sophia is happy to make any announcements needed over her microphone and if desired can
    provide background music on her system to cover any breaks.


  • Up to 90 minutes of elegant and familiar music to serenade you and your party as you enjoy
    your first official meal as a married couple.
  • If you choose to be “announced” into your breakfast then Sophia is happy to play an
    appropriate song.
  • The discreet PA is also included in this part of the day and takes up very little room if used.

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I’m so lucky to live in the beautiful Peak District…however, the phone reception can be tricky at times!  If you have an enquiry or would like me to call you, simply fill in the form below and send: 

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